Hi! I’m Molly.


That’s a picture of me working in my hometown of Austin, TX. I’m smiling because I’m excited about what I’m working on…a program to help you you tame your wardrobe so that it works for you.

The story of DayReady starts several years ago, when I was working as a creative professional in Los Angeles. I was successful, confident, and overall a very happy person. But at the start of every single day I hit a major snag, an enemy lurking in my closet: my wardrobe.

Every morning, without fail, I would stand in my closet, staring blankly at my clothes. While there were plenty of options, I somehow didn’t have anything to wear. As I rifled through the jam-packed items, my brain was flooded with thoughts…

Those jeans are too tight. That top isn’t professional enough, this one needs ironing (and I don’t have time for that). That blouse is nice but needs a tank top under it and all the tank tops are in the hamper. I could wear this dress, but I would need to shave my legs (and I definitely don’t have time for that!). Here’s a nice sweater, but it’s kind of cold so I also need a jacket. Oh, this sweater doesn’t fit under this jacket. Ok, forget the sweater. Molly, you don’t have time for this—you’ve got to be out the door in ten minutes! Dig through the hamper for the trusty jeans you know fit and one of those tank tops. They’ve gotta be in here somewhere!

And so on, and so on. It went like this every morning. I would finally settle on an outfit and race out the door, relieved to have “conquered” the closet. Only to discover that I felt uncomfortable all day in my clothes. I didn’t feel put together or my best. The chaos of my morning affected my whole day! Ugh!

And then at the end of the day, I would come home to piles of clothes thrown on my bed or on my floor, the casualties of war from that morning’s battle.

I’m not settling anymore!
— me

What is my problem?! I asked myself. At age 32, I still didn’t feel like a woman who had come into her own. I felt like a girl who hadn’t figured things out yet. So one day, I made an important decision…. I’m not settling anymore! I am going to figure this out.

Fast forward to today. Today, and every day, I walk into my closet without an ounce of dread. I simply ask myself two questions: What’s the weather? and What am I doing today? And from those two simple questions I’m able to pick an outfit in under 30 seconds (shoes, outerwear and accessories included). Not only do I get dressed without stress, but every day I wear an outfit that I love, that I feel comfortable and appropriate in, and that expresses the best version of myself.

These days I spend less time thinking about clothes, less time shopping, and more time enjoying my clothes, wearing items I love! After all, life is way too short to spend every morning agonizing over clothes.

Life is too short to spend every morning agonizing over clothes.
— me, after recovering from the closet chaos

If you can relate to my story, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to tell you there is a way out! Let me come alongside you and help you curate a wardrobe that works for you. I’ll show you how to gain the freedom and confidence that comes with having a clear philosophy and strategic approach to your wardrobe.